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January 10th, 2015
Alexandra von Rohr       Alexandra von Rohr, Principal of Sprachinstitut
      TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg / Germany



Come and stay in an authentic German town and learn to speak German more fluently: A success for 20 years! In only 1 to 4 weeks, you can improve your German fluency dramatically and experience German where it is spoken. Return home having the experience of a local. Start your course already February 2nd in groups of average 5 students
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exam preparation with fun and success

Students' Corner
Why do students love Bamberg and Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT

The best and most important for a language school are happy and successful students. This has been particularly highlighted in the reports of "What Bamberg means for me?" by Andrei and Eugeniya from the car company VW. In a report they wrote as an exercise in November and December 2014 in German
>>> "What Bamberg means for me?" by AndrejWhat Bamberg means for me? by Andre
>>> "What Bamberg means for me?" by EugeniyaWhat Bamberg means for me? by Eugeniya
Furthermore - in December 2014 the current Irish ambassador for Germany came with his wife for an intensive German training from Berlin to Bamberg for a second time. The former ambassador also studied in Bamberg. In a newspaper interview he talked about his stay in Bamberg. (download the article, pdf, in German onlyIrish ambassador for Germany interview)

German universities

Students in Germany: one record is highlighted by another one
A few numbers first: Almost 2.7 million young people will study this winter term in Germany. Approximately 300,000 are foreign students. Germany closely ranks behind the United States and Great Britain, and has become one of the top study destinations. Read why Germany will remain attractive for studies and work in the future
>>> Happy moments at TREFFPUNKT


Free German lessons

JoJo is back! – Telenovela of Deutsche Welle (DW)
In the third season of the popular telenovela JoJo "JoJo sucht das Glück" the protagonist Jojo experiences emotionally and physically her limits. German has never been more exciting and entertaining... levels B1, B2
>>> is back! – Telenovela of Deutsche Welle
Tips for your German training: Discuss the experiences of JoJo with your online teacher in the program of www.learn-german-via-skype.comLearn German online

Deutsch perfekt language magazine

German language magazine

Deutsch perfekt – preview for February
Learn German an easy and informative way with the language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". Its an entertaining mix of information about German-speaking regions and how language training will improve your German skills. A new issue is published every month. The main topics of the upcoming issue are "St. Moritz – Winter tourism in Switzerland", " pupil exchange" and which linguistic techniques are available to phrase good lyrics:
Resources for learning German
learning material
worksheets for German Lessons
Our popular 1-to-1 online lessons with a TREFFPUNKT teacher
German airports
Travel to Bamberg via Nuremberg, Munich, Francfort...
What you have to consider before, during and after your language course
Learn German - experience Germany
UNESCO World Heritage Site and University town

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