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August 10th, 2014
Alexandra von Rohr       Alexandra von Rohr, Principal of Sprachinstitut
      TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg / Germany



When most people think of a typical German city, Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are usually the first cities that spring to mind. However, those who know Bamberg would say that it is Bamberg which is the true German city. And it's particularly attractive for language students!. Here are the four most common reasons for choosing Bamberg:
- "Here I can study so many German traditions" - experience the UNESCO world cultural heritage site
- "In Bamberg I have more time for new friends, learning and leisure, because everything is so close and there is always so much to do and see in the town "
- "I hear much more German here than in Berlin" – in Bamberg there is a much higher proportion of German inhabitants than in larger German cities
- "Friendly people, more community, less anonymity: In Bamberg I quickly felt at home.
>>> course description

German Home Tuition Program

German Home Tuition Program
Learn German intensively & experience German Culture with our Autumn Special

Escape from the daily routine with us - learn German and spend autumn with the your private German tutor and their family. Experience the Franconian beer and wine culture, as well as local culinary specialities. Combine learning success with enjoyment. Exclusive private lessons in October and November
>>> Samford University / Alabama, USA

guideline program selection German

Which German Program is the best for me?
So, you've done it! You have decided to study German in Germany and you have chosen a school that has professional teachers, a great location and is highly accredited — you are coming to TREFFPUNKT! What's next? A guide you will find here:
>>> for german course program


listening comprehension skills

Deutsche Welle – News slowly spoken
Practice your listening skills with the news from Deutsche Welle (DW), slowly spoken news especially for German learners. Suitable for language levels B2 and C1. You can hear the news bulletins from Monday to Friday and the audio file can be downloaded in MP3 format. The full tapescript is also available.
>>> Hörverstehen

Deutsch perfekt language magazine

German language magazine

Deutsch perfekt – preview for September
Learn German the easy way with the language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". Its entertaining mix of information on German-speaking regions and language training will improve your German skills. A new issue comes out every month. The main topics in the upcoming September issue are a big LANGUAGE SPECIAL and a portrait of the city of Trier. To order your issue see:
Resources for learning German
learning material
worksheets for German Lessons
Our popular 1-to-1 online lessons with a TREFFPUNKT teacher
German airports
Travel to Bamberg via Nuremberg, Munich, Francfort...
What you have to consider before, during and after your language course
Learn German - experience Germany
UNESCO World Heritage Site and University town

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