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December 1, 2008
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Alexandra von Rohr       Alexandra von Rohr, Principal of Sprachinstitut
      TREFFPUNKT in Bamberg / Germany


christmas time 2008
Today is December 1st and therefore the first door of a Advent Calender will be opened in Germany.
We have prepared an online calender for you. Every day a little surprise : >) www.learn-german.com/adventskalender/
Open a single door of our advent calender every day in December
We wish you a merry Christmas!



language school prospects

Learn to speak German fluently
Start with TREFFPUNKT into the year 2009

german business education
The year 2008 is coming to an end. Have you already planned your activities for 2009, too? We have 5 good reasons for you why it is worthwhile to think of a German course at TREFFPUNKT now:
- the value of the $ compared with € has increased by 23% since June 2008
- no price increase for our German courses in 2009
- highest customer satisfaction at TREFFPUNKT
- Bamberg is as an excellent destination, a "medieval Disneyland for adults", as some visitors say
- new courses & capacities, like Learn German via Skype.com
Plan and book enter your course with our online calculator
>>> www.german-course-calculator.com

Continuous Education

german for young people
Teacher Training Courses 2009

The tailored teacher training program is organized according to the objectives of the teachers participating in the course. It is a flexible course program to allow modifications and include new program points. Not two courses of teacher training will be the same! Attention is paid to display varying characteristics, requirements, demands and background. Depending on the contents you are interested in most, you will receive new and up-to-date information about Germany but also get hands-on tips and advice for your lesson - everything to help you in your day-to-day German teaching. Here are the course dates 2009:
- March 23 until March 27, 2009 (1 week only)
- July 13 until July 24, 2009
- July 27 until August 07, 2009
- August 10 until August 21, 2009
>>> http://www.learn-german.com/kurse/lehrerfortbildung-daf.pdf (in German only)

Learning German in the private teachers house

Learning German fluently
German X-mas - learning & living in your teacher's home
edu germa
Feel the magic of Christmas in beautiful Franconia. Study German at the most wonderful time of the year. Spend your advents´and Christmas season with your German host family!
Deutsch Perfekt Sprachmagazin

language magazines

Learn to speak German fluently
Deutsch Perfekt language magazine

learning german quick
The new edition of Deutsch Perfect is again full of interesting articles such as: about Nuremberg as a "town of full history". And the tribute to the 85th birthday of Germany's most popular comedian Loriot. All information is complement by vocabulary lists - ideal for increasing your vocabulary! >>> www.learn-german-online.net/partner/german-perfect-deutsch-perfekt.html

Resources for learning German
learning material
Renown language magazine
educational software
CDs & courses online
German airports
to Bamberg via Nuremberg, Munich, Francfort...
What you have to consider before, during and after your language course
Learn German - experience Germany
UNESCO World Heritage Site and University

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