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German course in Germany:
Important visa information

Going to Germany?
This website will help you to find out whether you need a visa. It will also guide you through the application process.

There are four types of visa regulations for Germanygerman visa regulations.
If you have any question or doubts of any detail, please contact the German embassy in your country.

  1. Entry without a Visa
    >>> Valid for: EU members (incl. new EU members), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

  2. Entry without a Visa up to 3 months with the possibility to extend the visa in Germany for another 3 month: Japan, more information
    >>> Japanese Embassy in Germanygerman visa regulations

  3. Entry without a Visa up to 3 months for people of the following citizenship:
    >>> for more consular information click on the country name

  4. Entry WITH a Visa (Visa C)
    You need a "Schengen travel visa" for a short stay (up to 3 months)

    • Ecuador Hong Kong South Africa
      Belarus Korea Taiwan
      Bosnia Macedonia Turkey
      China Romania Ukraine
      Colombia Russia ... and any other country


      • You can only apply for a visa from the country of your residence.
      • You cannot apply for a residence permit after having entered the country without a visa or with a tourist visa C. Please consult the German consulate or embassy in your country for further details.

      The following documents are regularly required:

      • Complete application form/s from the German embassy
      • Current passport photo
      • Valid passport
      • Return ticket or booking confirmation
      • Course registration confirmation, confirming also payment of the course*( if necessary)
      • Confirmation of salary, pension or other income, work confirmation from employer or trade register statement/trading license
      • Proof of sufficient financial means (bank statement, credit cards or similar)
      • An accident and hospital insurance covering the whole duration of the stay
      • For University/High school students: original and copy of a student card, confirmation from your University and translation into German
      • For school students: confirmation from your school and translation into German

      For any further information regarding visa matters please contact the German Embassy or Consulate in your home country. They will inform you about the current regulations. For the address of the German embassy and consulates please check the homepage of the German Federal Office >>> www.auswaertiges-amt.degerman visa regulations )

      * Confirmation of course registration and payment
      from TREFF

      If the German embassy in your home country asks for a confirmation of the TREFFPUNKT language school, we support you with a letter of invitation. To apply please consider the following procedure :

      1. Check first if there are places available at the school and if you will be accepted.
      2. If acceptance is confirmed, register for the coursedeutsch-sprachige Seite and pay by money transfer the course fees stated in your letter of confirmation to our account
        [ we will send you the bank account details with the enrolment confirmation ]
        Note: Credit card for this procedure is not accepted!

      3. TREFF PUNKT will then send by e-mail and fax or postal order** the confirmation to you.
        ** If you require express courier / DHL, then you have to add EUR 75 to the initial money transfer (see above).

      4. If your application is turned down we will reimburse the transferred amount minus the enrolment fee of EUR 150. However the course fee will only be reimbursed if we receive a copy of the embassy's denial. Our fax is: +49 951 3017524 .
        Please note: we need to have proof your non-acceptance at least 10 working days before the course start. Otherwise the fees are not reimbursed.

      5. We will send you your accommodation address as soon as we know that you have received your visa.

      6. If you have any question please write to  

      Further visa information websites


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